Filip Kominik is a multidisciplinary designer from Prague, Czech Republic.

Working mainly on the intersection of the fields of branding and digital product design allows Filip to influence products from more than a single point of view, which designers often can’t do.

Getting into the field of graphic design at the age of ten, when he was taught basics of Adobe Photoshop by his brother, he was then able to do some virtual tuning of cars, diving later into the field of PHP, HTML & CSS to do both designing and coding websites at the age of twelve.

After he finished his studies at the high school, he started his career as a full-time freelance designer and soon realized that he prefers to work within a team and hates to work from home alone.

With the mission of trying to work within a team and possibly trying out something new, he joined Actum – Czech digital agency with over two hundred employees working on large digital products around the globe, implementing large-scale solutions – for their needs in a role of a front-end developer. However, it didn’t take him much time to realize that a developer role is a not good fit for him.

So he joined GLAMI – Czech fashion e-commerce startup – at first in the role of graphic designer, progressing later into the role of an all-rounder and the only designer for the whole company on the position of a digital product designer. His role there was varying from mobile app designs, A/B testing versions and analytics to creating new branding launched in 2018. Within this period of time, GLAMI grew from a startup company that operates across three countries to a product which has over 30 million active users every month in twelve different countries.

Currently working as a Chief Design Officer at OAK’S LAB, creative ecosystem specializing in building businesses, architecting software and educating the future leaders of the tech. Leading the design department of 7 people and working on digital projects for U.S. startups.

Some of his favourite hobbies are occasional photographing, DJing and gaming on PlayStation.



Role of UX within the MVP build-out


Visual Identity Awards – Bronze place
Unsplash – featured photo